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My 4 year old daughter has attended speech therapy sessions with Marian for several months as her speech and pronunciation were quite delayed and with “big school” looming we were worried that nobody outside the family could understand her. Marian has worked so well with my daughter and put her at ease from the beginning . Her progress has been fantastic and has been commented on by everyone we know. I know without a doubt this is down to Marian and the way she has encouraged my daughter and worked so patiently with her, she built a great relationship with her from the start. She has also given us great guidance and support on how we can further help her at home. My daughter loves going to her sessions and it’s so great to see her have conversations now without people having to look to us for translation! I would recommend Marian without hesitation to anyone looking for a speech and language therapist for their child!


Our first app with our 2.5 yr son was a great success myself and my husband left the session feeling very hopeful for quick results and we weren’t disappointed. Marian conducted a very thorough first meeting, observed our son, asked us various questions and was very clear in explaining her findings and plans for the coming sessions. Each session was very structured and touched on all the areas that she felt our son needed assistance with. Our son warmed to her straight away. Marian was very informative and explained how we as parents could reinforce all she had done in the sessions and more. She also provided us with handouts, equipment such as a CD, mouth strengthening utensils, visuals etc. All of these resources reinforced all that was done with her at home. We were delighted to see results as soon as we did. Marian was always very organised and focused on our son and she was also very interested in his daily/weekly goings on and always asked how he was getting on at home/school etc. She genuinely cared and that was evident throughout the sessions and within her professionalism. We couldn’t recommended her enough and all she has done for our son and ourselves