Further Training

I have completed many post-graduate training courses and continue to update my professional development and knowledge of current evidence-based theory and practice regularly through research and training. The following is an overview of courses attended:

–         Hanen programme for parents, It Takes Two To Talk (September 2010)

–         Promoting Literacy for Children with Intellectual Disability (September 2010)

–         Down Syndrome Education Conference, Speech and Language In Depth (October 2010)

–         Talk Tools Level 1: A three-part treatment plan for oral-motor therapy (January 2011)

–         Speech Development in Children with Down syndrome (August 2011)

–         Picture Exchange Communication System – PECS (September 2011)

–         Lámh Modules 1 and 2 (May and November 2011)

–         Derbyshire Language Scheme (February 2012)

–         Manchester Post Basic Dysphagia Course (April 2013)

–         The Early Start Denver Model for young children with autism (Introductory training June 2015)

–          Clinical Voice Skills Course (September 2015)

–         DIRFloortime® (May 2016)

–         ADOS-2 (Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule-2) training (September 2016)